General Information on the UAE

Obtaining A UAE Visa

Visit visa is required for tourist travelling to the United Arab Emirates.
Citizens of GCC countries in addition of 33 other countries get visa on arrival at the airport. Visa related regulations are subject to change .You are advised to contact the UAE embassy or consulate in your country or simply check with our inbound division .


Dubai has a subtropicalarid climate with sunny blue skies most of the year. Between the months of November and March a moderate warm climate prevails during the day and a slightly cool climate throughout the night. Humidity tends to get higher between the months of June and August.


Currency and Exchange

The local currency is the UAE Dirham .Approximate exchange rate: USD1=AED 3.65.Most international currencies are accepted in banks, hotels and licensed money exchange .

Dress Code

Dubai has a reasonably relaxed dress code but being Islamic country modest clothing is recommended, particularly in rural areas . Hats, sun block and good quality sun glasses are advisable when in direct sunlight


Traditional Arabic cuisine and a wide choice of international cuisine are available .


The official language is Arabic and English is widely spoken and understood .



Most countries are represented in Dubai or Abu Dhabi by an embassy or consulate.

Public transport

Taxis are available and metered. Most of hotels operate shuttle services) into the city centre or beach on a regular basis. Metro is also available .



Most of hotels offer direct dialing facilities , e-mail and internet services in their business centers..Telephone cards are readily available at shops around town


Time zone

GMT+ 4 hors



The voltage is 220V and most sockets are three-pin.Two-pin plugs are available at most hotels



Tax and service charges are usually included in bills.