Vacationing on your Own Terms

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word “Vacation” as a period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation. For most of us, this conceptual escape is envisioned in a warm climate with a cool breeze, radiant sunshine, turquoise waters and a refreshing cocktail in hand. This time is dedicated to relaxation or adventure, through the ability to break away from from the real world to an exotic island destination. Numerous vacationers travel to the Bahamas each year for their reprieve from the world. Many travel by private jet, commercial airline or by sea.

Cruise lines are popular forms of travel down to the Bahamas. Cruise lines such as Carnival coordinate cookie cutter vacations with strict itineraries to ports of call like Nassau/Paradise Island and Grand Bahama Island. While cruise ships have many amenities such as fitness centers, a pool area, spas and all-inclusive packages, are they meant to be the vacation destination?

For the innovative vacationers, who want to go to paradise and back via the sea have a unique option to visit exotic destinations for a personalized luxury vacation, otherwise known as a Luxury Yacht Charter. The Bahamas has so much more to offer than just Atlantis, a few waterfalls and a market place, but no cruise ship will ever go off the beat and path to take you there. Remember anywhere that you stop on a cruise, you are on the clock.

The true meaning of a vacation is a reprieve from ordinary life with the freedom to choose your recreation and forms of travel. Yacht Chartering is becoming more common these days. For Yacht owners it has become a way for them to defray exuberant costs for a vessel that they will only use a month or two of the year. For the vacationer, it is a resource for a Luxury Bahamas Vacation on a multi-million dollar mega yacht for a fraction of that cost.

On a Bahamas Yacht Charter you can choose to have a crewed charter or bareboat where you skipper the boat your self. On a crewed charter you will have a captain, chef and stewardess to serve you 24 hours a day, similar to the staff of a cruise line. The majority of skippered yacht charters takes your specifications and prepares a personalized itinerary with just the activities that YOU choose to do, and if something comes up and you want to change your plans or stay on an island for a half hour longer, it’s ok.

For the adventurous vacationer, a sailing yacht or power motor yacht with all of the toys will be the way to go. Some power yachts are fully equipped with Jet Ski’s, tenders to fish from, scuba gear, driving greens and personal gyms. There may not be a rock-climbing wall on your yacht but your personal yacht charter can take you to Long Island and you can then dive into Dean’s Blue Hole, one of the world’s deepest diving blue holes.

With a full tour of the Bahamas you can swim with wild spotted dolphins near Bimini, explore a vast ecosystem in Ben’s Cave on Grand Bahama Island after you take a golf lesson at one of the most renowned golf courses in the world. Shop and explore the authentic market and enjoy the Bahamian culture in Nassau and stop for some libation in Exuma. Go bill fishing in Chub Cay or fight bonefish in the Abacos. After all of that action you can kick back and relax on one of the most tranquil islands, Sugar Loaf in San Salvador, known as the home away from home.

There are ample advantages that a Luxury Yacht Charter has over a cruise line. While a client approved itinerary is prepared before each charter it is not set in stone so forget about being rushed to generic tourist traps. Similar to that of a cruise ship you only have to unpack once. On a charter you bypass the long, uncomfortable wait to clear customs and instead of being summoned for meals like cattle calls you can be catered to by a personal chef. There are no cramped cabins but luxurious staterooms. The cruise lines may offer great services and all you can eat buffets but they neglect the most important luxury, your freedom to vacation on your own terms.

The costs for Group Family Vacation Charters are quite comparable with the total expense of a major cruise line, you can spend a little bit more for an experience that is leaps and bounds away from the ordinary.

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