Going On A Cruise Can Be A Lot Cheaper Than You Think!

My family and I have been on a number of cruises now. Does that mean that we must be rich? Far from it! Let’s talk about how it’s done. Just how can you save around 66 of the reduced cruise cost per excursion. Think about the amazing things you can do and the exotic places you can see that you may not be able to do from your conventional week or two in (for example) Spain! I have ridden on Camels, walked through volcanic areas, climbed down into Egyptian tombs, climbed moutains, traversed ravines in 4X4’s, bartered with horsemen in Morroco and so much more. Of course, if you would rather stretch out on a beach somewhere in the sun and bake all week, that’s your choice.

So how do you enjoy a cruise without spending out on luxury costs? How do you manage a smile whilst on a cruise and overhear someone saying how they spend three times as much as you for exactly the same cruise? It may seem mysterious, but it really isn’t. It comes down to just one word – “research”.

Begin your research early. Make a firm decision about where you want to go and at least roughly, when. (Remember to do the other research regarding the local weather conditions etc at that time of year when you want to travel).

Now, with the aid of just four tools, you can easily come up with a “best” price:

Get some brochures from your local travel agents in order to determine the cruise you want. Whilst there, ask them what their best price would be. Note it down.
Get friendly with the TV remote and access Teletext on your TV and locate the cruises section. Be prepared to note a number of offers related to the cruise you have in mind. You are looking of course, for the best deal. Normally it is this Teletext service that provides us with the best opportunity.
Do a similar thing researching on the internet but remember the internet is international in nature and you are looking for specific departure and arrival points including air travel if necessary.
Phone the best few deals and play them off one against another. They are generally prepared to make concessions in order to win your custom and prices can vary wildly. In addition to make the deal even more favourable for you, various upgrades may be added such as meals on board the plane, a better cabin on board ship, all drinks free on board, etc.

Whatever you do, don’t just blindly think (or even worse, book), your holiday at your local travel agent unless they can beat your research. It pays – it really does.

Finally, add up what you spend and what you get for your typical annual holiday in the sun. Way it up against what you get for your money after you have done your research. I know where my next holiday will be taking place, do you?

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